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Unity Education Institute is certified by ISO 9001: 2008 B. School. UEI has surpassed and outshined in the field of education and is emerging in present scenario as one of the leading centers of education institute in India. This can be marked for numerous of students as we are here to provide the perfect opportunity to a professional life. Unity Education Institute is proud to present a well-built professional foundation, a first class organization of tutorial support, and a broad and creative series of support services supplements the nucleus distance education prerequisite. The specialist staff instigates, persuades, supports and educates the students.UEI Provided IT, MANAGEMENT & ENGINEERING Courses.

Introduction of on Demand Exam

The novel concept of ODE is a great step in the direction of flexibility to the open and distance learning. This will make the total system of examination independent of the time frame and will help the student to take up the examinations as per their wish and preparation. The basic concept of On Demand Examination is that Student can walk into the examination center as and when he/she feels ready for the examination.

Who can apply?

  • A person who register for ODE can appear for the exam after 6 months of registration.
  • Exam will be conducted only when student is fully prepared for the exam and he/she shows his/her readiness for the exam.
  • By this way exam is solely depends upon demand of student.

Exam Pattern

We conduct three types of examinations.

  • Yearly Mode
  • Semester Mode
  • On Demand Exam

Features of the Scheme of On-Demand Exam

This innovative and flexible scheme of On-Demand Exam is independent of the traditional fixed time frame and has the following features:

  • No need to wait for the six-monthly term end examination,
  • Choice of deciding the date of exam lies with students,
  • Multilayer security system to maintain confidentiality and secrecy of the entire process,
  • Students can register online for On-Demand Exam any time from any where,
  • Online issue of Hall Ticket mentioning the date, venue and time of examination,
  • Multi-mode registration-fee payment system including online payment through Credit Card or payment through bank draft,
  • Automated online clarification of doubts and information to the students,
  • Individualized question papers for different students generated on the day of examination,
  • Encryption of the Question papers immediately after their generation,
  • Online submission of attendance on the day of exam, and
  • Online submission of the awards and marks by the examination superintendent.


The advantages of ODES can be stated as follows:

  • Allows the Student to get assessed when he/ she is ready. Readiness depends on the Student and not on the institution.
  • Attempts to remove the stress of appearing in examination(s), whether for all subjects or in one subject at a fixed time and schedule.
  • Attempts to remove the threat of failure in examination.
  • Removes frustration, loss of self esteem, peer group ridicule, depression etc.
  • Degree and level of performance is decided by the Student who can reappear in the examination as many times as one wants, till satisfied.
  • Malpractices will be reduced, as it is a system where the tools for evaluation are unique to an individual Student. Every question paper for each Student is different having comparable difficulty level.
  • Respects the individuality and sovereignty of each Student.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate