Spoken English

World’s Most Successful English Course!

The most successful & outstanding English course that encourages, and enables you to speak English fluently and confidently. A course that teaches you Spoken English along with your personality enhancement.


An overview: This course will help you see this world in the hues of satisfactory confidence. It will enhance your lexicon and you will get an in depth understanding of English language.

Conversation: You will learn real academic English and Functional/applied Grammar in this section i.e. (Art of conversation).

Grammar: In this colorful block you will learn grammar through listening, speaking and practically doing the exercise.

Role Play: Through role plays, pair and group activities. This feature of the book helps to learn through dialogues & situational conversation.

Pronunciation: The emphasis, in this section is on how to learn the art of Stress, Intonation & Rhythm. The end result of this exercise is to enable you to speak clearly & correctly.

Listening: The exercise trains the students in various aspects of comprehension namely ‘listening comprehension’. Here students learn the art of Listening, Understanding and Interpreting.

Word Power: It is a total for vocabulary building .Here students learn new words and how to use them in the right context which means the choice of words and connotation.

Reading: In this exercise students are able to evaluate on their own, what they have read. After doing the whole unit, the students are capable of reading and understanding the passage on their own. They are able to interpret and apply the information to the question, given at the end. The Teacher here acts only as a guide or facilitator.

Writing: This exercise will be there at the end of each unit. This exercise is meant to train the students in the art of writing. It teaches the writing skills. Students learn how to write correct English.

Interchange Activity: In this section, the class as a whole in groups or in pairs attempt and complete the various exercise in an enjoyable atmosphere. The teacher becomes only a motivator.


It is a systematic study training program for all the 4 skills needed in English language proficiency. It is also enhance your personality & helps you build up your English.

Pre-beginners / Intro / level 1 / level 2 / level 3

Duration: One hour daily

Period: 3 Months

Batches: Morning, Afternoon & Evening-weekdays & weekends

Age No Bar for Learning: Any one can join this course